Environmentally Conscious Design

With over twelve LEED Accredited Professionals on staff, sustainable design practices have been integrated into our design approach for years. We strive to incorporate environmentally conscious solutions into every project to the greatest extent possible, while meeting your programmatic, budgetary and schedule parameters. We believe sustainable design is simply good design.

Featured Sustainable Design Projects

Our Sustainable Services Include:

Project Siting: Thoughtful building placement and orientation helps utilize prevailing winds and solar patterns to maximize day lighting and control solar heat gain. We consider site configuration to minimize deforestation and erosion / sedimentation impacts while employing native plant xeriscaping strategies to minimize water usage.

Project Materials: We encourage use of local, renewable and recyclable materials throughout your building. Items may include structural products such as steel, concrete and certified wood, or interior elements including bamboo and cork, recycled tile and carpeting, wall coverings, ceiling tiles and furniture. We also help facilitate user recycling practices.

Energy Responsibility: We incorporate high efficiency fixtures, thermally efficient windows, Energy-Star© appliances and efficient HVAC equipment / systems as part of our standard design approach. We also have extensive experience with the implementation of alternative energy sources such as wind, solar and geothermal fields.

Day lighting: Through careful building orientation, and design implementation we look to maximize day lighting and natural ventilation methods to augment and reduce the impacts on lighting and HVAC solutions.

Air Quality and Water Resources: We work to design effective ventilation systems; incorporating natural ventilation processes whenever possible. We also work to limit VOC content of interior finish materials. We encourage the implementation of water conservation methods including rainwater recapture, low-or-no-flow plumbing fixtures and water-efficient HVAC equipment.

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