We Enable Talent to Flourish

We bring a profound appreciation for individual talents, and we foster a creative environment that enables talent to flourish. Our culture is an environment of WE, not I. It is this team mentality that allows for and fosters growth and collaboration.

Diversity of Experience

We practice principal involvement in our on-going staff development program that helps prepare our team members for the future. Becker Morgan’s award winning intern development program ensures interns get exposure to a diverse array of project types and sizes. This provides a foundation of exposure which will help you prepare for your exams. In fact, our program has been so successful that we have been recognized as an employer known to reinvest in our staff and people. Additionally, the diversity of our in-house Architects, Engineers, Surveyors, Interior Designers and LEED Accredited Professionals affords our staff the ability to interact with multiple disciplines and better understand and appreciate the inter-disciplinary functions that are necessary in today’s building environment.

Great Places to Live, Work & Play

For staff looking for a refreshing change, we have offices in wonderful communities to live. Whether you set up your home close to the beach or close to town, our locations provide great opportunities to live, work, play and raise a family. We also have a talented pool of aspiring employees who are able to support senior staff. This wonderful dynamic provides a vitality and a creative boost to the office atmosphere.

Our Annual Spring Tour

We respect our employees’ personal desires and try to help them accomplish their goals whenever possible. At our annual “Spring Tour” meeting each year, we select a location and visit multiple finished and in process projects in the area. The project managers lead the walking tour and explain the projects in detail. This helps breed mutual respect and demystifies what other disciplines are doing while instilling a sense of pride among our team members. It also exposes our team members to other facets of the profession they may not have been aware of or previously seen. Afterwards, we enjoy recreational activities that revolve around eating, gaming, recreation and relaxation to help build comradery.

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Current Openings

  • Architect / Project Manager

    Salisbury, MD
  • Architectural Designer

    Salisbury, MD
  • Surveyor / Survey Technician

    Salisbury, MD
  • Architectural Designer

    Wilmington, NC
  • Civil Technician

    Salisbury, MD

How To Apply

To apply, please click here and submit your letter of interest and resume by email. Be sure and provide what position you are applying for in the subject line.